Open Call For Testers

With the progress on my game going well, I now need some testers to get some feedback on the game. Keep in mind that all of the art in the game are placeholders and there is no sound yet. The AI is working good and the basic structure of the gameplay is almost halfway there. So […]

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AI: Finite State Machines

The next stage of making my prototype was to get the AI working. I had little experience with actual AI in games. One of the only things I ever really did related to games and AI was set markers for where an enemy would rotate and head towards another marker in a platformer. Another was […]

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Dealing with light

One of the main features I always wanted to implement in this project was the ability to control your environment. I always find games that allow you to change certain elements of your surroundings attract my attention better and allow me to play uninterrupted for longer periods of time than those that don’t. Since this […]

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Randomly Generated Maps

When I first started this project, I thought this was going to be the easiest part of it. Well, I haven’t been proven wrong but it certainly is a long task to complete. Never thought I had to think of all the different possibilities it could go wrong so that I could avoid them. So […]

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Time to make a game

I’ve had a problem that many people who want to start making games face. I can’t finish a game. It’s annoying and demotivating when you feel like you can’t finish a project. You might come up with a good idea here and there, or you might begin a prototype that just eats up space in your hard drive. Either way, it ends up in the same way: Weekends and even weekdays of watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Vikings while you deal with your self-loathe of not being able to finish anything. Well, I’m tired of that.

I am setting out to finish one game. I mean you can’t expect to be known in the game industry without trying to put yourself out there for other people to see your games. You can’t let your fears hold you.

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