Water and Lighting

So I’ve decided that in order to vary the type of content on this blog, that I will add generic devlogs separate to tech postings. Devlogs, such as this one, will be more focused on where I am currently in terms of development while tech postings will encompass cool things that I’ve attempted to do whilst programming. To carry on with this post though, I finally managed to tackle something that I had been worried about for some time: Water physics and lighting.

Water Phyiscs

The first thing I attempted to do was water physics. I found a pretty good asset online that used ds_grids (sorry non-Gamemaker users) and attempted to integrate it within my overall game engine. Some things came off wrong at first such as getting refraction to work but after tweaking some things and making some compromises, I managed to get it to work fairly well. Here are some screenshots from various stages of implementing the water physics:

Lighting and Shadowcasting

I have to also admit that I am fairly out of my depths when it comes to programming for shadowcasting. While lighting is a fairly easy endeavor (just use some sort of blending, usually additive, with the background source and the light source textures), shadowcasting was a bit confusing for me. I understood the concepts behind it but it seemed like a huge task. Luckily enough, I had already purchased a utility online that was almost perfectly crafted to work with how my engine worked with only minor tweaks required. Sadly, it meant I had to get rid of my day and night shader but that wasn’t tough since the lighting engine took care of most of that. Anyway, here are some screenshots of the lighting and shadowcasting engine working:

Closing thoughts

Currently, working on all facets of programming, and “art” of this project is a bit overwhelming. There is a lot of work to be done but hopefully, I’ll manage to do a lot of work once I’m on break from university. I’ll be looking forward to learning about pixel art during that time.

Other things that went on in the back is that I have started to finalize the design of the save and load system which is now using a secure encryption algorithm to prevent players from cheating which could inadvertently break the game.

I really need to get some basic art done for player animation since I need to sort of design a whole combat system around it instead of it lingering in the back of my head.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below!


GameMaker_ Studio 14_04_2017 16_59_29
That’s all folks!



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