Happy Holidays

I haven’t posted on this blog in a few months and this has been with legitimate reason. Blogging had caught up with actual development of the game and I was no longer writing about the game retroactively. This affected how much time and effort I put into the game. A lot has changed from the early demos and I wish to share that with you and talk about the processes that lead to that in further blog posts.

As for now, I’ll update you on the development of the game. Firstly, due to experimentation during development, the game, as you can see by the screenshots, has become something entirely new. Generating random maps lead me into generating terrain and as of now, planets. This is where the title (work in progress) of the game: DUNIA, comes from. Dunia is the Swahili word for “world” and this game has become about exploring planets and doing what you wish to do within the game. That last point means that this game has become a sandbox game. Although I might incorporate story lines and the such later on in development (I haven’t thought about it really), the main thing I want players to do with this game is whatever they want. I don’t want to limit the player on what he/she can do with the game.


This has lead to a drastically different looking and playing game which is nothing like what I was working on before which is why I can’t even consider them the same game. I’m really excited to be showing you how I’ve reached the current stage of development and hopefully the months I have in advance of development can help me continue this blog in a retroactive form so that I can concentrate on the development of the game.


Without further ado, here are some screens of my game so far:

I hope to share the latest developments of this game with you. Happy holidays to you all!

Endeva Xmas


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