Open Alpha Testing

Hello Guys,

I am happy to announce that after the first round of closed testing, the prototype is open for alpha testing! The improvements that were asked for from the initial testers have been input and some other improvements have been made. The prototype now has dynamic lighting which makes the prototype look a lot better. Now with the prototype, the AI can’t see you if you hide in the shadows allowing for better stealth approaches.

Here is a screenshot demonstrating this:

AI heard gunshot but can’t seem to see the player

This open alpha testing is so that I can better understand the general views of more people. The development of the game is back in full swing after the initial testing and I am really enjoying the development of this ‘thing’. If you want to play the prototype, download it here. I also have a questionnaire that I handed out to all closed testers which I would love if you could complete over here after testing the game.

If you’re still interested in being a closed tester and see the new features and truly be a closer part of the game development process, drop me an email at with the subject ‘Game Tester’ and I will get back to you.

As a treat, here are some more screens:

screenshot1 screenshot2


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