Looking back at my progress

I’ve been making this prototype for a bit of time now and I have enjoyed it, even the times it left me frustrated just looking at my screen not understanding why my code wasn’t working. The small breakthroughs I have made have almost set the tone for the next stage of development which includes creating the mission generation and other features. This post is about recognizing the progress I have made so far on this prototype. So here we go:

I started firstly with randomly generated maps (this was after I had already established the top down movement of the player). This basic form of the game had me really excited for the possibilities that could be provided in my game. The randomly generated maps worked on using binary space partitioning allowing a structured random room creating. I controlled some variables so that it looked less like a dungeon and more like an office space.

No two maps are the same.
No two maps are the same.

After that I tried to get my head around developing my own lighting system. This worked very to begin with as you can see:

All the little lights
All the little lights

The lighting system was not as efficient as I wanted it to be so I switched to an already made lighting engine that worked wonderfully. This lighting system was a lot more efficient and allowed me to have a lot more control as you will see in my latest screenshots further below. These are some screenshots of the lighting engine I decided to adopt:


The next step of my prototype development was to get AI working. I decided on using AI that was a lot more complicated than anything I had ever done before so I set out to program finite state machines. This worked out very well and the AI doesn’t really need much revamping until I decide to add other objects in the game.

Guys, I think I heard something
Guys, I think I heard something

Lately, I’ve revamped the lighting engine and the AI which have led to beautiful results. The doors now cast shadows and makes the game look a lot better. The prototype looks a lot prettier and now the player is only visible to the AI if the light falls on him which gives the player a lot of interesting opportunities as well as making the game just a bit more harder for them. Here are some of the latest screens from my recent work:


Looking good baby!
Looking good baby!
quite proud :')
quite proud :’)

If you haven’t read my previous post, I am now looking for people to test my prototype. I find this step very crucial and I am slowing down development on my prototype until I receive enough feedback so I can know what features need to be improved first. If you are interested in testing out the game, drop an email at sammi3@intim8s.cc.cc with the subject ‘Game Tester’.

Damn I love indie game development.

Thank you for reading this post! Leave a comment below and share this post!


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