Water and Lighting

So I’ve decided that in order to vary the type of content on this blog, that I will add generic devlogs separate to tech postings. Devlogs, such as this one, will be more focused on where I am currently in terms of development while tech postings will encompass cool things that I’ve attempted to do whilst programming. […]

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Generating 2D Terrain: In Depth

Looking back at what I previously wrote when documenting the development of my game, currently only known as project Dunia, I realized that I barely went into detail into the actual process that I went about when generating the terrain. In order to help some of you actually create the terrain, I will go into […]

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Make a RogueLike in 48 Hours

Recently, I’ve been working in a team for the AGBIC Jam hosted on itch.io and we’ve made steady progress but whenever I’m working on something in the long term, I always need small short term projects around me in order to take a breather from time to time on a bigger project. Being a staunch […]

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Cellular Automata for Caves

When you’re creating a 2d game about exploration, the missing dimension surely makes it a bit more difficult to layer in detail. In a normal 3d exploration game, I could get away with not having caves underground. I could just fill the terrain with faun and fauna with extra detail and have a pretty basic […]

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Infinitely Generated Terrain

While I was still making a spy game, I was researching methods on how to generate maps efficiently. The one method that stuck with me was by storing the map in chunks that are saved in the players PC. This means that they then don’t need to generate the maps again if they put the same […]

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Happy Holidays

I haven’t posted on this blog in a few months and this has been with legitimate reason. Blogging had caught up with actual development of the game and I was no longer writing about the game retroactively. This affected how much time and effort I put into the game. A lot has changed from the […]

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GMC Jam Team Request

In about a weeks time, the 20th GMC jam starts and for the first time, I want to participate in it. As has been clear in this blog, I am a programmer and severely lack skills in the art and music department of making video games. This is why I’m calling out for anyone who has […]

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Dealing with Designer’s Block

I dreaded this stage of development but I anticipated it. Every time a project of mine fails, it’s because I have hit this stage. When it comes to creative works, it’s hard not to get stuck and feel in a rut. I have hit this stage already but thanks to the fact that I’ve had […]

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Open Alpha Testing

Hello Guys, I am happy to announce that after the first round of closed testing, the prototype is open for alpha testing! The improvements that were asked for from the initial testers have been input and some other improvements have been made. The prototype now has dynamic lighting which makes the prototype look a lot better. […]

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